Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Hide and Seek, Paris, 1, Revolution, Journey In Satchidananda, Red Clay, You’ve got a Friend in Me, Let it Go, Bright Size Life, Köln, January 24, 1975, Pt. I, Waterloo Sunset, Liberty, Everlong, Golden Hour, Swallowed, The Great Gig in the Sky, Tears in Heaven, Tin Cans & Twine, Life by the Drop, One Rainy Wish, Wonderful Tonight, Angel, Jeremy, Fade into You, Fruits of My Labour, Success, Aaiye Meherban, Mysterious Traveller, Prelude & Fugue No. 1 in C Major, BWV 846: Prelude, This is It, Part 1, Don’t Look Back in Anger, Dreams, Blackbird, I am Missing You, Fingerbib, Computer Love, Joy, Glorybox, My Friends, Under The Bridge, For The Love of God, Opening, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Solid Air, Could You Be Loved, I Forgot to Be Your Lover, Another Green World, Clipper, Icefall, What You Won’t Do For Love, Wuthering Heights, My Sweet Lord, Do You Realize??, Pink Moon, I Feel Love, Good Life, Slip, Ain’t No Sunshine, I Ain’t Mad at Cha, Everything I Own, Film, I Talk to The Wind, Blackbird, Ai Du, Lake of Fire, ATLiens, Move on Up, Little Wing, The World Inside a Book, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Silent Sigh, Cranes in the Sky, Love and Affection, Time after Time, Liberty, Cler Achel, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, It Should Have Been You, Body Language, Good Life, Show Me Love, Kisses, Strings of Life, Joyous, Love Hangover, Tha, Living From The Mind, Beep Street, Astral Ascension, Expansions, Dog Days, Level Up, Music is My Sanctuary, Worst Comes to Worst, Actionist Response, Angel, Terminator, I Feel Love, Chameleon, Clipper, Beautone, I Wanna Be Your Lover, BTSU, Headphonics 0/1, Fly Day Chinatown, Unicorn, I Keep Forgettin’, Papa Was a Rolling Stone, Let Me Down Easy, It’s A Shame (Sister), Loveless, The Awakening, She Moves She, Return of Forever, Red Red Wine, Burning, No, No, No, Computer Love, ‘T’ Plays it Cool, Boadicea, Red Baron, Satellite Snyper, Toys 2, Khon?S, The Bugs Will Bite, Cookie Dust, Sehnsucht, Heroes, All Night, Don’t Mess with My Man, Running Away, Sound and Vision, Move your Body, Chinaski, Mushroom Compost, Good Name, Mustt Mustt, Tive Razão, Layle, Didi, Bananeira, Disco Station, Faith, Long Hot Summer, Green, Avril 14th, Crazy Train, Born Under Punches, Marquee Moon, Maggot Brain, Joy, White Sandy Beach of Hawai'i, Jesus Etc, Where You Are, Turiya and Ramakrishna, Big Yellow Taxi, Five Preludes: No. 2 in E Major. Andantino, Fist City, Flutter